Outdoor Edge Products WILD BONE


Lightweight, field-to-freezer combo with the two perfect blade designs for skinning and deboning big game, plus a ceramic/carbide sharpener to maintain a razor-sharp edge at all times. The 4.0 inch deep bellied gut-hook skinner removes hide quickly and opens game like a zipper without piercing vital organs. The 5 inch boning knife is ideal for breaking down any animal to family sized portions. 420J2 stainless steel blades are precisely heat treated to hold a great edge, and are hand finished shaving sharp. Rubberized, blaze-orange TPR handles offer high visibility in the field and ensure a nonslip grip, even when wet. Additionally, the elk horn inlay provides extra indexing points for greater control, and prevent fatigue during long use. Comes complete with a Kryptek® Highlander® nylon sheath with snap-in knife scabbard for easy removal and cleaning.

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